Jubilee Christian Leadership School was launched in September, 2007

(Then as Jubilee Bible Institute) with the mission of:


“Equipping the Saints for the Work of the Ministry”.


We seek to do this by providing 

 Real Life, Biblically-grounded, Revelation-based Learning.


Real Life – Birthed from real life issues and taught from real life experiences.

Biblically-grounded –
 You see your life's experiences in the light of Scripture.

Revelation-based –
 God speaks to you in each and every learning experience.

This style of learning is know as Lamad Learning and is a revolutionary breakthrough in how we study and learn.


Lamad learning is on the cutting edge of Christian education!


JCLS offers over 100 lamad courses including courses offered by our partnerships with IHOP


in Kansas City and Bethel, Redding.


We are sure you will agree, JCLS has a course just rght for you!

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