Garner Gleanings

Garner Gleanings

Haiti & Barbados Trips update

August, 2010


Dear friends,


It’s been quite a summer. God is good and keeps us busy with YWAM and our church!



Shortly after our pastoral care trip to St. Croix in May, Mark was asked to come and teach in the Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Haiti in mid-June. As I was slated for a second thyroid surgery on June 22nd, I was not able to go with him on this trip. God wonderfully provided 2 men from our church, to whom God spoke directly that they were to accompany him, and off they went to Haiti. It was a very fruitful trip. One of the men, who heads up the Healing Rooms at our church, did a lot of ministry to staff and students alongside Mark, and the other did more ‘hands-on’ ministry in building a new school and clinic. All three were very impacted by their time there, and all want to go back for a longer period of time. So much still needed to be done there!


2ndTHYROID Surgery

Because a small amount of cancer was found in the thyroid that was removed from my right side, it was deemed necessary to remove the left thyroid as well, in case there was some cancer there also. Due to holidays on the doctor’s part and us being away again, I have not yet received the pathology report, but am feeling totally fine and the incision is healing extremely well. I am not concerned about this at all.


CHURCH Teaching

Mark continues to do discipleship foundational teachings for small groups at church, including the ongoing men’s group ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’, which deals with issues men face. His next assignment begins in September, teaching his favourite subject – the Bible, to the interns who are studying for a degree course at our church. This is where I see his gifting really shine. He knows his Bible and loves to teach it.




The Living Room Church

We have just returned from a 2-week ministry trip to our beloved Barbados. Having worked at YWAM there for over 6 years, we have a real love for the Bajan people. We were asked to do a Listening Prayer seminar for the first 3 days there (Saturday to Monday) for the 30 cell leaders at a church we helped get started called ‘The Living Room’ while living there. This was a new way of ministering for them and after giving everyone a couple of practice sessions, we left them quite keen to implement this tool into their cell group ministry. The rest of that week we did individual counselling every morning, afternoon and evening with no break, until we moved up to the YWAM base on Saturday afternoon. We still had a waiting list of people who wanted to see us. Unfortunately we had no more hours available! Here’s three testimonies from attendees at the Listening Prayer seminar we did in Barbados:



“I was surprised that every recipient heard from Jesus and that real issues were dealt with by Him

on every occasion in our group. It was great not to have to perform or do anything to help except facilitate allowing Jesus to do His own thing without our interference. NO PRESSURE! Thank you Jesus!”

“In this session, which I admit that I didn’t come to with real enthusiasm, I was totally blown away with what Jesus did. First of all the approach was so gentle and so simple, yet so freeing that I’m eager to share it with others. I did it with myself after the first session and received deliverance from the belief that I would let God down. Amazingly Jesus used the same memory to bring deliverance during my group setting, from the belief that something was wrong with me and therefore I did not deserve and would not get good things from God. This has been the best 3 days of my life in a very long time. I love this methodology and am eager to use it to help others get free.”

“I thank God for this time in the life of our church, The Living Room. As Senior Elder, I saw what it did in the lives of the participants and clearly Jesus was moving. Personally it was Spirit led and I saw how Jesus used this teaching to bring revelation to my life and healing and how He is going to use this in the lives of others in our church and beyond. This seminar could not have been conducted as it was without the invaluable help and gifting in Mark and Bonnie. They are not only great teachers, but they model what they teach well. May the Lord continue to bless them and use this teaching in our lives and in the lives of others as we press on to see His Kingdom here on earth!”



The Living Room Seminar Participants



The second week consisted of teaching on ‘Five Days of Healing’ including deliverance ministry. This school has 13 students from 7 different nations. It was a good week and we saw good ministry at the end of the week. This week was also totally full – morning teaching in the DTS; afternoons was small group ministry

and/or counselling; and evenings every night was counselling. We got on the airplane feeling dog-tired and ready for a break! But it was again, so worthwhile to see what God is doing in their lives. He’s so faithful!!


What’s Next?

* Teaching in our home church – Jubilee Christian Fellowship

* On-going private counselling while we’re home in Canada, as requested and needed

* Continued preparation for the 6 month Biblical Counselling School that we will be heading up in Jamaica in September 2011

* Caring For the Heart training seminar in Colorado Springs in December – we were introduced to this teaching this spring and feel this training is a needed addition to our ‘bag of tools’ for ministering to and counselling people who have had a lot of buried pain in their lives

* Further training in the area of Crisis & Trauma Counselling at LeRucher Ministries in France. I (Bonnie) have found the Basic Debriefing Training I had there to be invaluable and want to learn more! We are waiting for the dates of the next seminar on this to become available

* Praying about whether we’re to go to the big YWAM 50th year week long celebration for the Caribbean Region being held in Dominican Republic in November. We’re not hearing clearly from the Lord as to whether we’re to go to this. If we do, we’ve been asked to do pastoral care to anyone who needs counsel/prayer between the meetings and sessions. We’d likely be very busy!

* Back to YWAM Barbados for 1 month to do more ministry and counselling to staff. Time is not set, but will likely be January.


That’s what’s ahead at the moment. Of course that can change quickly, and we want to be ready to go when there is a need and the Lord calls us to go. We are now heading out for 5 days of rest with good friends to their beautiful, peaceful log cabin in the northern Muskoka region of Ontario, We are so looking forward to this ‘down’ time. Even when we are home, we are rarely still as there is so much to be done around our property. But we love the peace and tranquility of where we live now, so it’s worth the extra work.


Thank you for your prayers and your financial giving that enables us to continue the work of the Kingdom, and

for hearing our hearts. We appreciate you all!


Our love and blessings to you,



Mark & Bonnie

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