Check Out Some Of Jubilee's Materials

Here's a taste of some music and books that our church family are creating....
You can purchase most of the songs on Itunes and/or the books at Jubilee Christian Fellowship's Book Kiosk!

Heather Harder:

You are invited to experience Into His Heart :: A Worship Album by Heather Harder. A musical conversation sung to and from the heart of God. CLICK HERE for your FREE COPY! On our journey into the heart of God we find a world of people He desperately loves. Let his heart mould your heart with a love that will change the world. 


Michael Steingard:

"We are One" is the culmination of countless hours on his piano contemplating, meditating, and marveling at the goodness of God. Michael's songs explore the reality of being one with our creator.

Collin & Joanna Gibson:
"The Stone" is a beautiful song;short story set to a Celtic backdrop.. This single was release January 2011.

Jerry Steingard:
"The Overcomer's Handbook" - 
With mankind on the verge of experiencing the best of times, the worst of times and the end of times, it is imperative that we get informed and prepared – not out of fear and panic but rather out of a faith-filled sense of adventure and divine destiny. This book will help you understand that we were born for such a time as this! This book was released October 2012.

Lesley Biehn:
This wonderful children's book takes you from feeling lonely to loved. Have you ever been shy or all alone? Well come and join Humphrey as he discovers life outside his shell. His journey will inspire young and old alike to find the treasure that is already waiting for them. THis book was released November 2012.

Joanna Gibson:
"Lady In Waiting" is a beautiful worship compilation that explores Joanna's journey of seeing God as the Bridegroom, the lover, & the returning King of His beloved people – the Bride. This album was released October 2013.

Jerry Steingard (with John Arnott):
In 1994 the power of God fell on a little church at the end of a runway in Toronto. From "Here To The Nations" tells the remarkable story of what would come to be called The Toronto Blessing, and the incredible impact it has had on the church over the last 20 years. This book was released January 2014.

Illustrated By Cheryl Bender (written by Catherine Bender):
This book tells the story of Floating and Swirling and Rising a read-a-loud picture book taking a child on the adventure to discover prayer. This book was released March 2014.