Glory Realm Registration
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Contact Eileen Rutledge
Jubilee Christian Fellowship
519-273-4441 or click on the link below

Register before Oct 12-              $30  Single or $50 Couple (for both days) 
             Or                                   $10 per session
Register after Oct 12-                 $35(sing /$60 couple) 

                                 Conference Schedule 

Friday Oct 30- 7pm                                       Kathie Walters

Saturday, Oc 31- 10am                                Jerry Steingard

Saturday Oct 31- 1:30pm                             Kathie Walters

Saturday Oct 31- 6:30pm                             Darren Canning

                                                      Bonus Meetings

             Sunday Nov 1- 10am                                        Kathie Walters

             Sunday Nov 1- 5pm                                          Darren Canning

                                                    (Free Will Offering)

Kathie Walters

We are living in the day when God is about to release His glory. The supernatural realm of the Holy Spirit is our inheritance. God did not intend that we  would just have religious head-knowledge, although we should know the Scriptures.
The miracle power of God, the Angesls, heavenly visitations, are supposed to be a normal part of our lives. My book, Living in the Supernatural, will help you to enter into your inheritance in Christ. God wants you to be free from the spirit of religion. It will keep you from God's best and keep you in measure instead of fullness. Condemnation, fear, false standards, intimidation, unbelief, inferiority etc. are all manifestations of Satan's attack against your fulfilling the great destiny that is in your life. Everyone of us has a destiny to fulfill and God's supernatural power and anointing is available to us.

Kathie Walters Ministry

Darren Canning

Darren Canning from Ottawa On is a revival preacher who has a heart to see people connect to the father with a trud heart of intimacy. He believes that when people touch the face of God they are undone and changed. They are like Saul, who became Paul, on the road to Damascus. He was not exprecting a visitatation from Jesus but that is what he received. Darren expects this to occur in the lives of those he meets and believes it is what is needed to see lasting change come tothe hearts of people. He travels throughout the globe seeing revival fire spread wherever he goes.

Ministry of Darren Canning

Jerry Steingard

Jerry is the Senior Leader at Jubilee Christian Fellowship and the Author of "The Overcomer's Handbook: Preparing for the Best of Times, the Worst of Times and the End of Times" and "From Here to the Nations: 20 year Story of the Toronto Blessing"
Jerry's heart is to see the five-fold equipping ministries arise to equip, empower and release an army of saints into their God-given calling and destiny.He longs to see God's Kingdom and glory come and bring city-wide, national and global revival with signs and wonders, a great harvest of salvations, saturation chuch planting and societal transformation in these last days before the return of Jesus.