Cell Groups

Cell Groups 2017




 Rutledge's Cell-     2 pm. Pot Blessed Meal.  Fellowship-teaching -"Courts of Heaven Part 2" by Robert Henderson. All are welcome. 220 Greenwood Dr (off McCarthy),Contact Eileen @ trumpet@wightman.com (this week at Demetre's)

Men's Coffee Cell- 7 pm weekly at Coffee Culture on Downie St.  Contact Al @ my.signal@hotmail.com
Mature Ladies Cell- 
 1:15 pm  every 1st and 3rd Tuesday. Upcoming Cell date Dec 13th.  Contact Lorna Roth @ jlroth@wightman.ca

Healing Hearts Cafe (Ladies Book Cell)- 
-2 pm  every 1st and 3rd Tues 
Studying: "The Emotionally Healthy Woman"  Contact Darlene Carman @ superdar.dc@gmail.com or Lisa Hacquebard @ 519-271-5825.  
Song Writers Cell-  6:30 - 8:30 pm 2nd Tues each month. 70 Cambria St. Contact Collin and Joanna Gibson 519--703-0255

Young Married/Young Adults Cell- 7 pm on 1st & 3rd Tuesday.  Contact Trevor Biehn @ tlbiehn@icloud.com
Hacquebard's Cell- 7 pm  2nd & 4th - Let's Talk Marriage.   Contact Bruno/Lisa Hacquebard b.hacquebard@gmail.com
Steingard's Cell-   7:30 pm   1st and 3rd Thursday .   Dec 15th at Garner's.
Contact Jerry at jerry.steingard@gmail.com    
Youth Group-  7 pm at Jubilee.   No youth meeting on Dec 8th.  Youth gift exchange on Dec 22nd.  Contact judah.bootsma@gmail.com
John & Jane Goodwin's Group-   7:30 pm at 23 Water St., St. Mary's.  Starting Dec 9th.    Contact John at  john@worshipwithus.ca